about Disguised as Fork and Knifes

This blog reflects my interest in food / drinks / gastronomy and communication. A special tribut is integrated for all start ups that try to change the world or at least the one of their founders.

The aim is to create a platform of ideas and concepts that challenge the daily food routine. A trip that follows my personal interests and mostly the success or failure of others.

You can get in contact with me via www.twitter.com/heimuuh. Furtheron I recommend my food blog www.schwarzthoughts.wordpress.com and www.bretterderwelt.wordpress.com. Feel free to send me your ideas, thoughts or whatever via disguisedasforkandkinfes [at] gmx [dot] de.

(Whatever you read on this blog is my own opinion and has nothing to do with my job or my clients. All business things are kept here)

  • I‚m hungry / thirsty / keen on knowledge / an cooking / am searching / am participating in a distillers course / distilling / DirtyXBreak.
  • I’m able to discuss everything with you via www.twitter.com/heimuuh.
  • I want to set up  jFoodbarcamp #DirtyBrunchBreak / Distilllers Barcamp / (Social Bar) / regulars‘ table on Spirits in Munich / Food Swap Munich.
  • I see too much bullshit. / I do to much bullshit at the same time. / I focus on to much mindfuck from other people. / I put the cherry on the daily business. / I have swallowed the cherry stone / I do / I ferment.
  • I ignore thuna / red lights / cyclists / not much / IPAs / third wave coffee / the official regulations by the city of Munich / all kind of extreme – I know f+#*ing best – food saints. (Lovely article in German on Besserbürger) / limits.