Advent Calendar full of inspiration – Door 19

Inspiring. Yes, inspiring. If I had to choose one attribute to describe the work of Emma Thomas, alias Miss Cakehead, it would be inspiring. As a classic PR guy I learnt to use mailings, post cards, bottle samplings, etc., etc. in my everyday work, but no one told me to use food. Some time ago I saw the first cakes for Kraken Rum and having a look at new projects is always like discovering new galaxies – especially because you don’t find any similar German artist. So check out Cakeageddon, The despressed Cake Shop, Human flesh burger, Black Florist Pop UpEat your heart out, etc. and start baking your stories!

1/ Your work is always quiet inspiring. How do  kick off your projects?

I kick off my projects with a Pinterest and boring my boyfriend senseless as I talk and talk and talk to the poor man about all my ideas and what I want to do – he is very patient!!!

2/ What are your sources of inspiration?

My work is commissioned by clients for PR and Marketing so my inspiration comes from researching everything I can about their brand – the more surreal the better! And of course drinking / experiencing it if I can.

3/ Is a cake a good medium for inspiration?

Cake always helps – I mean what is there not to love about cake. Eating and researching…

4/ If it’s not a cake, what’s the second best food for inspiration?

If is it not cake then I love sweet things for inspiration  – too much for my own good!!!