Advent calendar of inspiration – Door 14

You can easily fall into a deep sleep of inspiration when you just swim in your local pool of interests. I cannot remember anymore the exact date of my dinner with Hermano Primero, but I’m still impressed by his interest in food and the way he discovered the foodie side of Munich!

How does good food inspires you? Just in case it does.

For me good food is a necessity. To be honest it’s my raisin d’être – I can’t imagine a life without it.

What are your sources of inspiration as a food blogger?

I’m not a food blogger any more but I’m inspired by anyone in the food industry that is passionate about excellence. That could be chefs, wine makers, fishermen etc.

When I met you the first time, you spent several weeks in Munich. To discover all areas of the city you booked different hotels for each week. Need inspiration has to be conquered by a master plan?

No master plan apart from „find the best places“ – my locations were determined by curiosity about the areas themselves.