Advent Calendar of Inspiration – Door 11

I had the pleasure to work in the same agency as Petra Sammer, who is actually the creative master mind of KetchumPleon. She talked about creativity, disruption and storytelling long before these words became kind of it-bags for people in the communication and advertising business. Actually she published a book about Storytelling and it’s always good to follow her on


What are your sources of inspiration?

The world is my source. Sounds great, right? But this doesn´t help you at all. So one real tip is: magazines, magazines, magazines. I am reading everything I get in my fingers. As I am older than 40 I prefer paper (yes that´s true). But online and videomagazines are ok also. So go to your next books store and buy magazines you never read before the more random the better. Pay a fortune for the best magazines around the world from “Flyfishing” to “the Exhibitionists” and I am sure you will find something that grabs your attention.

Inspiration is your business. How can someone learn to be inspiring?

It´s not a skill. It´s an attitude. If you want to inspire others, just do so. Don´t worry, there aren´t too many people around with this attitude, so the competition is low.

 Did you ever have an inspirational hangover?

People can be inspiring and people can be depressing. Therefore keep in mind this advise from Lemmy Kilmister, Frontman Motörhead: „Always stay away from idiots.”