Advent calendar of Inspiration – Door 4

I know Sabine since the time before internet became popular. We survived an entire creativity boot camp working in one team and she’s still the person who surprises me every day. And one the most inspiring reasons is her sewing blog where she publishes her inspirational work! There are so many people talking to you about doing things themselves and ending up with a selfie at instagram. And she is doing great stuff!

And there’s another reason to speak to her about creativity. Actually she is looking for inspiration Christmas jumpers -> Participate with your idea, talk about it using #sabinesibillesewmethatjumper and perhaps she realizes your input as a jumper. Go Go Go!!!

What are your sources of inspiration?

I’m a visual person. I use pictures and videos a lot to get me in the inspirational flow. It helps me to create mental scenarios, different worlds, perspectives, moods. I store and keep a lot of stuff that somehow „speaks“ to me even if at that point I might not know why and how. I store it to look at it again at a later time, in a different mood and see what it does to me then. Instagram, Pinterest or TED talks are the everyday sources to get my first inspiration appetizer. I snack a lot on blog posts by a diverse range of people (often picture heavy ones). Fellow sewist are on the top of my reading list. Seeing what others have done can give you a real thought starter – „That was a genius idea! I’ll try it, but I’ll do it differently…“. I feast on courages ideas and thoughts. I love people that do stuff differently – not only in the sewing sphere! They help me to plug up the courage to break things and start afresh. A lot of inspiration also comes during the testing phase of a new garment. You try, you test, you fail, you adapt, you repeat. For me a lot of good inspiration – not only learning – comes from failure. We should dare to fail more!

How can a personal style be inspiring? Is diy an essential part?

A personal style can be inspiring on various levels. Everyone has a personal style. Some more pronounced than others, but we sure all have something that is uniquely us. And some choose to voice that style more deliberately by utilizing clothes or other accessories. Others might do so subconsciously. I find most inspiration in the bold ones. Those that test their own comfort zone and yet you can’t tell they are conducting that test as you speak to them. Personal style can show you ways to cope with the world, their passions. It can tell you a lot about what battles that person chooses to pick. Another person’s style can give you the inspiration to observe your own comfort zone, to discover that one aspect that is uniquely you and wear it as your armoury, your crest. DIY – specifically the sewing in the IY – surely is an important part here. Sewist are that type of people that wear their passion. In the true sense of the word.

What’s your most inspiring piece of clothing?

There is that one dress I made to wear at a family party. It’s bright turquoise with white / yellow flowers, shoulder straps, no fabric to cover my arms, very defined in the waist – something I would never have gone for in a shop. And yet, I was drawn to that fabric – love at first sight. And a part of me badly wanted to make that design. I don’t wear it often. Hardly ever. Yet, I love it madly – for two reasons; I put a lot of effort and craft into that garment; I altered the fit, graded sizes, drafted an own skirt, lined it fully, inserted that invisible zipper perfectly. Looking at it gives me confidence in my skills. The other reason is that this dress reminds me of an essential part of „me“ that I sometimes fail to acknowledge. That part that would certainly wear that dress as a crest… if courage let it. I’ll wear it again when spring comes; testing the comfort zone. That dress is a constant reminder that I can dare to be bold!

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