Food Communication Bites VII – personality in videos

During the last weeks I got a lot of eyecandy regarding food and beverage videos. I’ve seen tattoos, legs, pancakes, arrogance, swearwords, trouts and tasting notes – all very yummy. But there’s also so much painfull video shit flaoting round the internet that Facebook and Google don’t need any business plan for the next 50 years.

Watching a lot of videos makes me always think what makes a video awesome and what makes people share the emotions in the videos. Well, there are a lot of more clever people who share voluntarily their learnings. Have a look at videopunks or And we didn’t talk that far about Vine or Instagram videos!

For me it’s all about personality and alternative, not always politically correct ways of inspiration. So it’s a great pleasure to discuss with you the five videos I can rememer I watched the last 20 days: announces the construction of its new brewery in Berlin. Telling a story the american way!

A video that leaves me perplexed – it’s well made, handcraft style, but I don’t know what they want to tell me. What’s the purpopse? It’s one chef and two barkeepers that play ‚bushtucker trial‘ without any sex. If you want to know more, hava a look at the Jägermeister homepage.

Food People Places is a by Simon Ruschmeyer about food enthousiast. It’s always difficult to film portraits, but these videos are real fine entertainment. Slowfood.

Tullia drinks wine, sells wine, buys wine – well in the end I’ve no idea. Her videos were widely discussed and critised in social media groups of wine nerds . In the end I’m not able to watch an entire video. Nevertheless drinking and tasting wine in evening dresses is much more attractive for classic wine consumers than every wine magazine in Germany.

No fucking comment!

So, I hope you had some good moments. What do you think? Which food videso inspired you in the last 20 days?

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