Food Communication Bites IV – etiquette

One weekend in january – participating the International Wine Busines Innovation Summit – I decided to switch the official language of this blog into Enlish. Not because of the deepnes of my knowledge, but more to step out of these special German language boundaries and to get in contact with more people on an international level.

The intention of the Food Communication Bites is to present  a selection of more or less well known links to a certain topic – and in this post we handle the topic etiquette!

According Wikipedia etiquette is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group.

Many people in Germany noticed with astonishment in the last weeks that the manners at Facebook changed a little bit. From lovely holiday, breakfast or baby pictures to social drinking and mutations like the ‚wurst occupation‘. From the lovely etiquette of social porn selfies to mass hysteria. Have a good read in the following two articles

And it’s interesting to see that both hypes are based on food or beverage. The German beer start up Braufäßchen was the only serious enterprise I did see jumping on the hype with their offer.

The gap between formal and informal etiquette is often really small. And when the German rapper Das Bo challenged every existing etiquette of commerce and self esteem by cooperating with the German sausage and meat enterprise Rügenwalder

comments got bad in some media outlets like

The problem of this cooperation is based on two aspects:

  • nobody really seems to care. The critics on a commercial one month ago highlihtening the new word creation ‚fressig‚ got some more comments than this video. And most comments on the viode – have a look at twitter – are paid ones.
  • das Bo has lost all his coolness … however, have a look at his good times

But is this non hype a problem for Rüggenwalder? No, I don’t think so like their intention is different. They do advertisement. Print, TV, Radio, Online. And now Social Media. The whole story an the video is a pure commercial spot that is pushed by cooperation bloggers and vloggers. Check #pommerschezwonull on Twitter and have a read on the article of on that campaign

Because sausages do have a big potential in social media that converts more and more to sausage media when you have a look at

And even more up to date see what the tradtionnal German Supermarket chain is able to do and much appreciated by social users

The campaign is based as well on different pull elements for fams who can tell their friends how #supergeil they are

And we have do note, that Edeka has the same Story about sausages with their sausage rap two years (!!!!) before Rüggenwalder occupied this area of Music taste

And like everybody knows – the official etiquette tells you not to play play with food. Just online


And the Social Media Manager etiquette says as well that you don’t mess with critics and angry crowds. Unless you are able to take things the ironic way. The idea isn’t new, but the response of Heineken towards critics that their actors ar enot representing real life is kind of smart

I know, posting in English and providing only links in German is damn anoying and I do work on this point of etiquette. And so I proudly present the last recommendation, which goes out to and the organisation has put together all presentations on wine innovation