Finest Spirits in 60 minutes

On my way to 2014 in Munich I met a cheerleader in the tube with ‘Munich Cowboys – Spirit Squad’ written on her bag. Well, kind of a nice motto for my visit of this spirit fair, like I had only one hour to rush through the different booth.
The 60 minutes turned into a fantastic adventure as I got in contact with some fantastic local distillers and people who don’t give any more a fuck about genre limitations and produce gin, vodka and rum on a local level.
So have a look at some nice products I had the pleasure to try and find the links at the end of this post – and just to say: this blog post just covers a wild crossover of spirits and doesn’t reflect the entire variety of liquids available at the fair!

2014-02-16 13.38.51

2014-02-16 13.47.52

2014-02-16 13.52.27

2014-02-16 14.08.04

2014-02-16 14.18.28

2014-02-16 14.31.51 by with 28 bavarian and classic botanicals on a very straight forward level from Bavaria with a very smooth idea of spirits, whisky, vodka and a gin with a strong citrus note – I only had the pleasure to taste the Blutorangen-Geist which is in combination with Tonic a marvelous summer drink
Kaiser Hill 16 Gin by which is kind of grandfather of the gin boom with its 18 years of production
Schwarzkirsche Reserve by, a classic product with a 21 day finish in an oak barrel. What a nice surprise!
And last but not least two nice rum specialities
Rum Nation 18 Panama years
Blue Mauritius Silber – a very impulsive rum that is also available with a cask finish