Pour me a glass of Wine Business Innovation Summit!

Going to an innovation summit is always nice – especially when it’s about wine. I had the pleasure to participate mid January in the Wine Business Innovation Summit in Munich. The event aggregated around 100 wine blogger, journalists, winemaker, marketing and communication professionals from around the world to talk about the future of the wine business and spread some inspiration.

Looking back now on the event still makes me think about innovation in different businesses and what happens if you bring people from different areas of interest together to talk about innovation. A fantastic clash of cultures and ideas without restraints that are not limited just to one topic.

So what did I learn? I met a punch of great people and took a lot of insights, quotes and ideas from the different sessions:

  1. Singular Wine is a gamification platform to connect winelovers with winemaker. You choose your winery and start the planning process. For me it’s was the most innovative platform of the weekend – nevertheless difficult to understand and I still can’t tell you if yiu get a bottle of wine out of that game?
  2. As a winemaker, don’t write about wine, write about nature. (by www.twitter.com/ryanopaz)
  3. www.33entrepreneurs.fr/ is an accelerator for business ideas out of the areas of gastronomy, tourism and wine. So please enter your ideas – it’s an international program!!
  4. Wine is entertainment and can act like a spirit brand as well – especially when you have a look at http://winewithspirit.net/.
  5. Tesco is doing a lot of serious stuff on wine and wine Distribution: http://www.tesco.com/wine/zone/default.aspx?name=co-buys. Have also look on the blogpost ‚How social and mobile technologies are changing the way people earn, manage and spend Money‚.
  6. Amazon will win the battle in the internet. Also because of price transparency. (www.twitter.com/@robertjoseph)
  7. Be emotional and dare to attack the wine business by the customer, not the distributer or seller. Have a look at Check out the http://portuguesewineinvasion.com/ by www.twitter.com/ryanopaz who connects on- and offline in a smart way.
  8. What about wine premix cocktails like http://www.jointhelama.com/?
  9. I saw two nice presentations by www.sommelier-privee.de and www.vipino.de from Germany. But I’m still wondering why people start up in that kind of closed business system where already big competition exists. What about new approaches like http://www.clubw.com/ or https://www.nakedwines.com/angels?
  10. Emotion goes viral. Content was king, context is king. (by www.twitter.cim/finkusbripp on videos on wine)


In the end the WBIS would do fine to innovative their own system like I got an overload on people looking back what they did without a glimpse on the learnings and / or future projects.

The fixed planned session do steel any upcoming discussions and topics. What about a session system like on traditional barcamps (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BarCamp)? Just an idea.

Did I miss something out? For sure! Looking forward to your comments!