The idea of a social bar and restaurant

Well, for the moment it seems to be interesting to share – car, wife, apples, couch or clothes – things and work together – food, politics – for a great different future. Especially social media plays a decisive role in these two movements.  I’m still working on the first point, but the second is clear to me. We have to rethink how we want to life and we can change a lot of things by ourselves (in a small way).

Since I was working in a traditional restaurant, I’m fascinated by the hospitality business. Opening my own restaurant is like a valve for me, when my work life balance is strongly damaged. Living in Munich may sound like a good idea, but the free spaces for bars or restaurants are so little, that you can’t afford to open anything.

Thinking about having an own location is quite popular like most of the people like to eat and drink and have their own idea how this should work. So I had the idea – also regarding the great spots during  – to open up a bar and a restaurant for a night with the participation and help of the ‘crowd’.

The idea is to crowd fund the alcohol and the food for this night, based on the fact that everybody stores liquor at home he will never drink. This can be the last Christmas present from your enterprise, some homemade stuff from your neighbor or the taste of your last holidays that won’t come back.  People are called via Twitter / a blog / Facebook / or classic mouth-to-mouth to spend these bottles and on the base of these stock the drinks and cocktail menu for the night will be based by professional barkeepers. To get people to participate in this funding, they get two drinks for free for each bottle they spend.

In the end the Social Restaurant gives people the possibility to invest in their own bar and to be part of a bar project for a night. Next to alcohol, it’s quite interesting to see if the idea would also work with food. Think about all the birthday gifts that gather dust in the darkest coins of your kitchen or cellar (mixed pickles, marmelade, cookies, caviar, etc.). These are some initial thoughts on a social bar and restaurant in Munich  – ‘#Pure me a glass Munich’ could be a nice claim. And I still want to realize it. So let me know if this sounds interesting.

(Aus mir unbekannten Gründen wollte ich diesen Beitrag auf Englisch verfassen. Word)